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EMF Meter

Investigate electromagnetic fields in your home or workplace. Discover the fields thrown by your home wiring, cellphone, computer, car dashboard, dimmer switches and everything else in your life. Once you know the strength and size of these fields, you can make arrangements to reduce your exposures for potentially much better health.

You can actually make a living with this tool by becoming a consultant to identify fields for others.

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Strange Gift List

When I asked ChatGPT for a list of odd gifts, this is what came up:

A taxidermied animal head
A necklace made of human hair
A jar of pickled octopus
A book on the history of toilet paper
A life-size cardboard cutout of yourself
A pillow with your face printed on it
A custom-made voodoo doll
A hand-painted portrait of your pet as a mythical creature
A set of dentures with real human teeth
A subscription to a service that sends you monthly mystery meat packages
A framed picture of your own DNA
A collection of expired prescription pills
A taxidermied baby alligator
A mold of your own face for making masks or sculptures
A custom-made candle that smells like your favorite celebrity’s sweat
A set of underwear made out of bacon
A set of ceramic plates with images of roadkill on them
A puzzle made out of your own family photos
A personalized Ouija board
A plant that grows in a glass vial filled with your own blood
A set of hand-carved wooden dentures
A book on the history of human cannibalism
A framed portrait of a random stranger
A custom-made jacket made entirely of human hair
A set of taxidermied insects dressed in miniature human clothing
A pair of shoes made out of recycled chewing gum
A set of preserved insect specimens arranged in the shape of a heart
A personalized jar of sand from the beaches of Chernobyl
A set of custom-made false teeth with secret compartments
A book on the history of bizarre medical treatments